How marcomCORE Works


  • Each approved user is given a unique login allowing direct, 24/7 access to the portal from any device connected to the internet. The user provides a password that is theirs alone and is not shared with anyone including the company appointed administrator of the program.
  • Each user is given access to files that are predetermined by your administrator.


Each file uploaded into the portal is customized with:

  1. Unique identification. A SKU system can be used as a unique identifier of each file.
  2. Product Segregation. If you have more than one product, each product will have its own section on the portal allowing ease of use when searching for files pertaining to that product.
  3. Minimum/Maximum order limits. If you want to curtail over/under ordering, you can put limits on each file.
  4. File Access. This is established when users are set up in the system.
  5. Document Visualization. A picture of the actual document or marketing piece can be included with each document. A SKU number may not be available to all users so it is useful to have a picture of the actual document or marketing piece for verification.